Family fun Stockroom

Keighley cinema hosted young film festival

This April, Keighley Creative and The Unit welcomed some new movie-goers to its teeny Stockroom Cinema.

Leeds Film contacted us about using our pop-up cinema to offer Keighley families a unique cinema experience over the Easter holidays.

Screenings put on were part of the Leeds Young Film Festival (LYFF) and included 80s’ fantasy classic Labyrinth, the Roald Dahl animation Fantastic Mr Fox and the still popular cartoon Moomins. Most popular was the unique Marcel the Shell with shoes on who entertained viewers both young and old.

Thanks so much to the team at Leeds Film and our fabulous bunch of volunteers for putting on such a great series of events.

For more information on our Stockroom Cinema and performance space, please email or contact The Unit.

For more information on Leeds Film and their film festivals, please visit their website