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Keighley Creative Space is home to a fantastic mixture of art, craft and design specialists, spread out over sixteen studios.

Over the past year we’ve grown a lot… this development tells our story, and it’s not over yet!


Studio Holders

Welcome to our studio holders!

Here we all are, our in-house community of practice. All based in the heart of Keighley; making artwork, upholstering furniture, designing lighting rigs, building sculptures, carving wood, creating print runs, and lots more besides. This great range of activities is one of the things that makes Keighley Creative special, this, and how friendly and supportive we are as a studio group.

Studio 1

Painter / Printmaker

Bill Parker

Telephone 07434 553751 

Studio 2


Naseem Darbey

Studio 3

Wood Works

David Palmer

Telephone 07419 761430

Studio 4 | Life Drawing Room


Jane Fielder


Studio 5


Anna Scott
Bronte Upholstery

Telephone 7858001859

Studio 6

Consultancy services to visual, public & media arts, and the cultural industries

Steve Manthorp


Studio 7

Artist/ Printmaker

Ken Woods


studio available

Studio 8

Creative Industries

To Hire

Studio 11


Steve Bishop

studio available

Studio 12

Creative Industries

To Hire

Studio 13

Artist / Lecturer / Teacher

Gabriela Boiangiu

Telephone 07816979365

Studio 14

Arts Enthusiast and Advocate

Gemma Hobbs


Studio 16

Coming Soon!

Studio 16

Coming Soon!

Studio 18

Coming Soon!

Studio 19

Coming Soon!

We’re always looking to build more.
Interested in been a studio holder in our ace space?

Studios for Hire

If you’re considering us as your next creative space, our spaces are affordable and friendly so if you love the arts and grass roots endeavours check out our expression of interest form right here.