The Drawing Box

During the pandemic, we’ve needed to find new ways to work with our creative communities, whilst keeping everyone safe. We knew we needed to work digitally and non-digitally during Covid 19, and so The Drawing Box Project was born!

Although we have now handed out all 500 drawing boxes to the residents, workers and artists of Keighley, and to the supporters of Keighley Creative, you can still join in with the online challenges and downloadable worksheets using your own materials- and share with us on our social. Next year they will put out a new instalment so why not start now?

This is a drawing project for all ages and abilities, and our starting point this year is Your House is a Museum. Projects all over the world have picked this theme and it’s easy to see why. In a moment of crisis, when we all knew we would be indoors, we went to investigate the objects around us. So we are asking you to share favourite or interesting objects, tell their story and use them as a starting point for fun drawing activities. 

Most recently Naseem and Gemma have trialled some Live From the Gallery Window demos, which have been inspiring for all involved. Artist Louise Garrett, an urban sketcher has been documenting these events and the project as it has unfolded, and will be showing her drawings alongside the sketchbooks and boxes in an exhibition at the end of the month.

Watch this space for more Live from the Gallery Window entertainment soon! 

Airedale Hospital Voluntary Services
Magic Drawing
Naseem Darbey Live from the Gallery Window
Natalie Oldham

Call for Drawing Box Drawings and Stories!

Are you enjoying this year’s Drawing Box Project? It’s the last two weeks and we would LOVE to see how you are getting on.

We have been sharing lots of your brilliant drawings and photos online, but we can never have too many! You can share pages from your sketch books and fold out sheets, or tell us about the objects you have chosen. Let us know what you’ve enjoyed, what would have made it even better, and what you would like us to do next year. Your feedback is very important to us, thank you.

You can share your images on the Keighley Creative Instagram and Facebook pages, remembering to use our hashtags: #kcdrawingboxproject and #yourhouseisamuseum, or you can email images or comments to Naseem directly at

Pete Blagg - Drawing Box Project
Pete Blagg
Jane Gerwitz Drawing Box Project
Jane Gerwitz