Creative Women and Girls of Keighley

Lisa Holmes, Keighley Creative and The LEAP

Amelia, getting creative with flowers!

Working with local residents alongside an incredible mix of groups
including the Laycock Players; Highfield Community Centre; Grace Dance
Co; Nebula Girls; Cliffe Castle Support Group; and the Friends of Keighley Library, Creative Women and Girls of Keighley features 100 photographs of women and girls from Keighley, telling us all about what they enjoy and how they get creative.

Alex, getting creative through Cosplay!

From Cosplay to Mehndi, Dance to Engineering, Cooking to Steampunk,
in the great outdoors and on our doorsteps there is so much going on
once you scratch the surface!

Alongside these fantastic photographs taken by Lisa Holmes from The Photo Hub Keighley, we also have an amazing collection of self portraits and conversations to work with about what cultural activity our participants want to make happen locally in the future.

This whole project had to navigate the Pandemic, not just practically, but emotionally too. It has been a time of sadness, loss and isolation for so many of us. It is a testament to the team- to Lisa, Emma, and all the women who took part that they continued to come together throughout and look at how we can build a brighter, more creative future for ourselves, our loved ones and our town. We can’t wait to see what happens next… Thank you and watch this space!

Lisa Holmes at the exhibition launch

Keighley Creative
Keighley Creative is a volunteer-led arts charity based here, in Keighley Creative Space! Home to artist studios, the gallery, education and workshop spaces and hosting Keighley’s Art and Film Festival once a year we also run regular projects and activities out in the town for local residents and visitors to get involved in.
To find out more visit us on Facebook and Instagram: @keighleycreative and Twitter: @CreativeKly
Website:… or better still, talk to us right now!

The Photo Hub, Keighley
Keighley Photo Hub is a community photography venture set up by photographer Lisa Holmes for Keighley and the surrounding areas to offer all different photography workshops and facilities to the local community. The purpose of the Hub is to make photography accessible for everybody and give everyone the opportunity to learn photography and be creative. Facebook & Instagram: @KeighleyPhotoHub

The LEAP are a Creative People and Places programme. Creative People and Places funding is very special because it’s all about members of the public shaping their own arts and cultural provision. It’s not about taking art and culture to people, it’s about encouraging and enabling people to celebrate the arts and culture in their communities and giving them amazing opportunities to work with professional artists to make extraordinary things happen.
They want to increase leadership and participation in arts and culture in Bradford and Keighley by reaching out, identifying and supporting passionate individuals and groups who are motivated to lead on new cultural and creative activity. Visit them at: Facebook: @theleapbd

Project funded by The LEAP, Bradford

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