Saturday 26th March: 10am-5pm / Sunday 27th March: 11am-4pm

New K-Town Shopper project from the team behind Ramp Revamp invites you to celebrate Keighley’s Shopping Heritage 

On 26th and 27th March, Keighley Creative and creative producers AG Studios will be transforming Keighley town centre by turning back the clocks to a time when the high-street was still king! 

The K-Town Shopper Project will bring familiar areas in the centre of town alive with vibrant outdoor galleries and performances spaces that will showcase the talents of lots of local creative people. And for one weekend only, Keighley will get its own alternative department store packed full of local independent businesses and more than a few surprises for visitors!

Where did the idea come from?

The reaction to our last project, Ramp Revamp, was incredible.

It got people talking about the best way to breathe new life into neglected town spaces, and it’s great to see people snapping photos under the Ramp and spending time there on their lunch breaks. One thing that was clear from people’s feedback was that they wanted Ramp Revamp to be the start of something big for Keighley – which is where the idea for the Ktown Shopper Project stemmed. 

People often talk to us about Keighley’s “hey day”. A time when any given weekend was a hive of activity with groups of teenagers queuing to use the photo booth in boots, families browsing the latest releases in Blockbusters on Cavendish Street and little ones nagging for pick and mix in woolies. So we decided to bring those days back – and hopefully this big weekend will be the start of many!

Street Creativity, for Everyone to Enjoy!

Work is already underway selecting the creative people who will work with the production team to turn their ideas into professional pieces inspired by the nostalgia of Keighley’s Shopping Heritage. And with over 50 local people responding to the initial callout, visitors should expect big things! 

From photographers to graphic designers, light projectionists to dancers, we wanted submissions that highlighted just how many talented people there are in Keighley. So expect the Ktown Shopper Urban Arts Trail to be an eclectic mix of things to see and do with plenty of opportunities to get involved and interact along the way. 

And on the big weekend our interactive, alternative department store is going to make visitors feel like they’ve stepped back to a time when a trip into town was the only way to spend a Saturday! We’re talking places to grab a bite to eat, nostalgic decor, spots to hang out and snap photos with your mates and of course a whole host of brilliant bargains from local independent retailers.

Putting Local Business Front & Centre

As well as being a great day out in its own right, the major aim of K-Town Shopper is to highlight all the amazing independent shops that there are to discover in Keighley, and there will be competitions on the day to join in with!

A free listings newspaper will be circulated about local, independent businesses, and a map of the arts trail will be included, made readily available over the weekend. In addition to the trail, the K-town shopper Alternative Department Store will take over the old Beales/Sunwin House building on Hanover Street, promoting all sorts of local businesses and creative people.

This project is all about celebrating Keighley’s beloved shopping past whilst shining a light on the fantastic businesses that exist today. We’d also love to hear from any volunteers looking to gain valuable experience in events or creative production.

The K Town Shopper project is supported by the 2014 to 2020 European Regional Development Fund Programme.