The Drawing Box

The Drawing Box Project

Kids with big pencil at Mega Drawing Box

The MEGA Drawing Box

Taking place in October 2023, the MEGA Drawing Box was an explosion of creativity and delight that welcomed nearly 1000 people into an unused department store in Keighley to make, dance and draw.

Introductory Video about MEGA Drawing Box

Where did it all begin?

The original Drawing Box Project was founded in 2020 by artists and studio holders Naseem Darbey and Gemma Hobbs in their work for Keighley Creative, funded through an Arts Council England Emergency Grant that supported charities through the Covid 19 crisis. Around 500 individuals and families in and around Keighley were given the materials and the opportunity to get creative in their own homes, with new activities
released each week through digital platforms, and non-digital approaches including worksheets and participatory performances taking place ‘live from the gallery window’.

The first Drawing Box video we made that went out during the pandemic, 2020

The project was a success, and recognition from local providers like Bradford Museums and Galleries lead to Naseem and Gemma winning the Marsh/Engage Award for Excellence in Visual Arts Engagement for their work at Keighley Creative. The first ever duo to win the award, this collaborative approach is something that the charity has taken forward in all that it does, regularly working with artists and organisations to build the best community-focussed offer for Keighley.

A piece of Drawing Box history! The first performative outing for the project, born of the restrictions placed on us due to the pandemic, and requests from our non-digital audience’s to join in. From this, to the MEGA Drawing Box event held in 2023, the project continues to be full of joy and surprises.