South Pennines Park Travel Drawing Box

Throughout July and August artist Naseem Darbey will be taking families on drawing walks around Keighley and Thornton, in a project that links South Square and Keighley Creative.

This project is all about the landscapes and townscapes we call home… ANd the journey starts with you! To find out more follow us on Social @keighleycreative, or email

Project managed by Beam, and funded by the Cultural Recovery Fund

Who are the South Pennines Park?
Who we are: Covering 460 square miles of wilderness and urban fringes, the South Pennines Park boasts spectacular scenery, a thriving community and a proud industrial heritage. We have a bold, forward-thinking mindset – rural and urban, neighbours and visitors, for nature and for productivity – and we’re proud to be a place for all.

What we’re doing: We’re here to put our track record to the test and come up with a plan to champion and reconnect people with the area. We want the South Pennines Park to continue to thrive, and for its nature, community and economy to be recognised, resourced and resilient. With a radically inclusive and partnership led approach, we know we can make it happen.

Where we’re heading: We’re already working with our neighbours, visitors and stakeholders to promote the concept of the South Pennines Park and to secure its future. But we’re also forging a new path. We want to be a test centre for doing things differently and, ultimately, a model to inspire and guide other spaces and communities which, like ours, defy definition.

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