LISA HOLMES: Crowdsourced Lockdown Series

At Keighley Creative we are interested in how artists and the public work together. Collaborative, interesting and heartfelt creative responses have been in abundance during these difficult and confusing times, and it is a pleasure to showcase some of this wonderful new work here.

During the early days of the pandemic, photographer Lisa Holmes started a project which documented people’s lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of the images in the project were crowdsourced, meaning that everyone could join in and submit photographs of their experiences, which Lisa then catalogued and shared.

Right from the start Lisa received a wealth of support from local community groups including Keighley Health Living, the Bangladeshi Community Association, Friends of Haworth Park, Cliffe Castle Museum and Gardens, Roshni Ghah, Keighley Parish Mission Outreach, The Food Bank, Hainsworth Wood Community Centre and The Shed- all of whom have contributed images.

Versions of this project have taken place all over the world during this crisis and together we are creating a global, visual archive of this moment in time. The artists and photographers who have championed these projects are now considering how to take care of these important collections, ensuring these stories are seen at local, national and international level.

Lisa Holmes: Crowdsourced Lockdown Series was supported and funded by Bradford Council and Cliffe Castle Museum.

Helen James
Mr Smith at home during the lockdown.
Abigail Crewe 
My daughter, aged 3, loved clapping for the carers each week. She knew it was important as she watched her mummy go to work as a healthcare support worker each day.
Jeanette Fleming
Keep distance, 
Miss stance,
Light and shadows, 
Life stance,
Bright dance,
“Oh my breath!”  
Elaine Cooper
A lonely wait, 
for the Pilates class on zoom. 
You can see faces, hear instructions but 
it’s just not the same – 
no time for friendly chat 
we stretch our bodies but not the soul.

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